Project Manager (based in Montreal)

Job Description

In an effort to support our increasing market share and consolidate our position as a total solutions provider we are looking at expanding our project management team with individuals interested in contributing to the successful execution of our projects around the US and Canada.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Project manager’s responsibilities include overseeing and planning all of an event’s details from the time that the initial idea was conceived to the event’s smallest details. Project managers must be able to review and understand technical drawings. They must be able to make sure the drawings are prepared as per the quotations and then make sure the fabrication is built to specifications of the drawings. Project managers will have to speak to client and make sure all changes are communicated and that the client approves. The project manager is responsible for the profitability of the project and must follow all costs throughout the preparation and installation of the project. Project managers meet with relevant staff of the organization and discuss the event in detail.


Being Available
Even if Project managers complete the organizing, scheduling and planning phases of an event or trade show without a hitch, he always needs to be available during, before and after the event to ensure that everything continues to run as planned. As an event manager, you will need to deal with large amounts of stress and be able to thick quickly on their feet, making rapid-fire decisions instantaneously.

Doing a Follow Up
After an event, a ‘follow up’ can include something as official as a sit-down conference to do an evaluation of how well the events’ needs were met or something as informal as a handshake. When a group from out of town comes to visit, make sure to respond to requests made for performances in the future in order to increase the chances that they will hire you to be an events manager once again.


  • Has above-average organization and communication skills.
  • He or she needs to be able to think outside the box, on his feet and get problems resolved quickly
  • The manager needs to have the ability of working with every kind of person and be able to do event visualizing from beginning to end while at the same time know what steps to take to get everything done.
  • Project managers need to have great skills in time management as well as the ability to prioritize tasks.
  • They also need to have the ability to multitask and switch gears at the drop of a hat.
  • Good managers for all events handle several situations and people at the same time and with aplomb and grace.
  • The ability of being able to predict costs accurately, find bargains and manage funds will help project managers stay inside their budgets.
  • They also need to be excellent managers of people and able to assess complications and difficulties of the team and swiftly deal with these to keep everything smoothly running.
  • Project managers that are effective need to have great skills in problem solving as well as superior skills in communication.
  • Has strong technical skills to understand, interpret technical drawings.
  • Has two to four years project management experience in the exhibit or event industry.
  • Is ambitious, a self-starter, can work independently and as part of a team and has a “can do” attitude.
  • Is an effective communicator with strong interpersonal and presentation skills.
  • Has strong knowledge Microsoft Office products (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Is self-motivated.
  • Is completely fluent in both French and English.
  • Has a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Business Administration, Marketing and/or Communications or equivalent.
  • Is available to travel.

About us

Accord Expositions is a full-service vertically integrated design and fabrication house specialized in the conceptualization of brand environments. Our story began over 25 years ago, since, we have been assembling a team of incredibly passionate, smart, hard-working people to help brands deliver custom designed experiences. The nature of our projects is constantly changing, and that’s how we like it. We stay focused, creative and stimulated to constantly uncover new ways to bring the essence of brands to life. Are you pumped? Excellent, because the team is growing.

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