To help us target precisely your needs, we suggest these basic models.


All larges structures are pushed out to the aisles to create an open inviting environment in the center for casual conversation and product-service displays.


This booth configuration can be recognized by the arbitrary arrangement of shapes and elements. This layout looks somehow hip, unusual and trendy.


This configuration includes a central structure with a series of independent elements surrounding it. The central tower may be a meeting room, hospitality area or storage.

  • Openness encourages timid attendees to wander into the exhibit.
  • Visitors have immediate access to everything in the booth.
  • Attendees can leave as easily as they entered.
  • Multiple products and presentation media can be displayed.
  • Visitors can “jump into” space from almost any location.
  • Visitors may need guiding through exhibit.
  • Creating a central focus is difficult.
  • Provides a strong visual presence.
  • Works well for displaying multiple small products.
  • Internal booth traffic can be pushed into the aisles.
  • The central structure blocks the view from one end of the booth to another.


In this type of booth one message or product is featured and everything else is diminished or excluded. The manner in which it is features varies from large pedestal displays to huge graphic murals. All is good for the Star.


Your exhibit is, first and foremost, an important working space to promote your services or products. To help us target precisely your needs, we suggest these basic models.


This layout creates a fully or semi-enclosed environment within the booth space. The booth’s interior is clearly the focus. People are curious about what’s going on inside.

  • Enhances memorability of one big message.
  • Attendees quickly and easily flow into the center of the booth.
  • Traffic tends to clog up around the central focus.
  • People who don’t like to “commit” to typical presentations can stand at the back and watch.
  • The small partitions offer multiple canvases for your messages.
  • The singular focus of the presentation will make emphasizing other products more difficult.
  • May create non-desired traffic around the exhibit or in the aisles.
  • Every square inch of wall is available for logos and graphics.
  • All access to the booth can be controlled.
  • Some people perceive the walls as traps and they won’t go inside.
  • Traffic can clog up just outside or inside the main entrance.

If you have any questions, we would love to help.