Managing your assets & inventory has never been easier.

CAM is a complete asset management platform that we built to fulfill a need in the event & tradeshow industry. It brings all of your assets into one centralized warehouse and provides you an online platform to see, ship, and check the status of all of your assets, easily and quickly.

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Laptop mockup of CAM an online asset management tool made by accordex

Say goodbye to managing your marketing inventory on spreadsheets.

When you manage everything manually, you never have a real view of your inventory and end up wasting time, not to mention losing items along the way. Based on our 25 years of experience managing warehouses fill of assets ans hipping them around the world, we have developed CAM, an automated and robust system to help you manage your assets all on one platform.

Complete Inventory Visibility

See all items in inventory in real-time & set up notifications for low inventory levels.

Compiled Item History

See exactly how many times an item has been used, where it has traveled, and determine your ROI.

Simultaneous Event Management

Send your assets to multiple events happening at the same time, on a global scale.

Active Location Tracking

Locate your items no matter where they are in transit, at your event, or when arriving at our warehouse.

Asset management in three easy steps.


Log in and view your inventory.

Log into your dashboard and immediately see all your items in inventory. Here you can see quantities, photos and other important data relating to your products.If you are an agency, you can create sub accounts for each of your clients.


Create your event.

Create multiple events and choose the items you want to send out. Select where and when you want your items delivered. Select the items you want to send. The available inventories will be displayed and updated automatically as you choose items. This eliminates double-booking assets and makes sure you never miss important items for events.


Our team takes care of the rest.

Our team takes care of the organization, boxing and shipping of your items. Everything will be ready and arriving on time for your event. Once your event is over, we take care of the shipping and logistics to our warehouse. Once received, all items are checked, cleaned if necessary, and stored again for your next use.If an item is damaged, our system will report it. You can then approve are pair and our production team will get your item back to working order, ready for your next event.
Monitor mockup of CAM an online asset management tool made by accordex

Why choose CAM?

Get more use out of your assets.

When you can see a detailed history of your items, you're able to calculate your ROI and better understand your item usage.

Don't miss out due to broken items.

With detailed reports and automatic notifications when products are damaged, you wont have to worry about the status of items you are shipping.

Save on shipping.

CAM automatically finds you the best shipping options for your needs, saving you the hassle of shipping and logistics.

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