From design to delivery, we have you covered.

It all starts with a creative brainstorm, before we move to design. We put together a timeline and production schedule to divide and conquer. Once we get the green light, our team keeps you in the loop every step of the way until we deliver the grand finale with a bang.



Research & Development

We can’t wait to show you all the innovative materials and processes we have tested and developed in our shop aka 100, 000 SF+ headquarters located in Montreal. We love having the flexibility to tackle big ideas while still catering to specific ones.

3D Model & Render

Our designers create stellar 3D renderings to help you visualize the final result. Small, medium or large we can design a complete branded environment or detailed pieces to compliment your exhibition or marketing event space.
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Team Kickoff Meeting



Structure & Materials

Uncovering methods and materials to execute a custom design efficiently is part of our healthy breakfast. We hold our suppliers to the highest of standards; challenging their sustainability, quality control and manufacturing to deliver quality.

Technical Drawing

Our technical drafters create precise drawings of all the details and features that make your design unique. These precious blueprints become the guiding light for production – streamlining fabrication efficiently on schedule.
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Client Sign Off



With the latest innovative machinery, hardware and power tools, our talented team of craftsmen take your design to the next level and seal it with a beautiful finish. As part of our commitment to deliver your project within specific guidelines, we handle production in-house giving us control on time, cost and quality.
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Third meeting with you


Shop Setup.

We bulletproof our work; everything is tested and assembled in-house before the big day. Our team of installers make sure all kits, crates and palettes that leave the shop are organized and complete to get the job done efficiently. It’s a proven strategy that has made our clients shine, time and time again, during their marketing event or trade shows.
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Final meeting before the show




Local, national or global, take your pick. We understand that moving your freight is a crucial part of the process. Partnered with trusted transport brokers, we stay on schedule. After all, the show must go on.


When the brand experience, show or event is over, our installers are standing by ready to quarterback the dismantling of the structure, securely packing your items for transport. We are also ready and happy to help find local options.


For every project we take on, our team of dedicated installers are ready to travel the extra mile to assemble and dismantle your structures. They remain on-call to smooth out any bumps in the road on-site.
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Post-mortem with you



Complete Asset Management

Once your items are back at our headquarters, every piece is carefully inspected and cleaned to determine what can be saved, refurbished and reused. We can also safely store your inventory in our warehouse in expectation of your next event.

Learn more about CAM, our asset management system.
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