A turnkey service.
Completely in-house.

Over the years, we've found it's key to have as much as we can in-house. Working as one team helps us deliver projects faster and with better results, all while having fun doing it. We all have our specialties and that's what makes us strong. All of this work means you receive a project that has been built in the best possible way.



Fuelled by creativity and precision, our designers believe in achieving the perfect balance between following the rules and tastefully breaking them.


Our research and development team is dedicated to bringing your ideas to life to allow for real-life user testing and to put a product through its paces before handing off to the production team.

Technical Detailing.

From detailing, structural drafting to 3D modelling, our technical drafters ensure there are no gaps moving design into custom fabrication.

Project Management.

Because project stages don’t exist in isolation, we believe a collaborative approach, seamless communication and effective timelines are key to achieving and surpassing objectives.

Rental Furniture & Equipment.

From furniture, carpeting, audiovisual, lighting equipment and more, our rental inventory is constantly upgraded and innovated to offer top selection.



Because it’s a visual world out there, our skilled graphics team has you covered producing high-quality print and digital visuals.


Paint gives us unlimited potential to create an inspiring brand experience and match your brand colours or give a long-lasting clear finish to our wood projects.


Durable, strong, with a high-end look. A great cost-effective solution to deliver quality results on a budget.

Metal Work.

Aluminum structures made of our own proprietary clicK system give us the ability to deliver custom projects within your budget.


With the latest innovative machinery, hardware and tools, our talented team of craftsmen take your design to the next level.


Installation & Dismantle.

We test everything in-house before we ship and on-site installers are available to assemble and dismantle structures ensuring the success of your project.

Monitoring & Analytics.

Using industry specific software and tools, we can help you keep track of your booth’s foot traffic and visitors so you can focus on giving your guests the full brand experience.

Storage & Warehousing.

We offer warehousing and storage with easy access to transportation lines, providing peace of mind and the flexibility to ship items from your personal inventory.

Asset Management.

Our custom inventory management system allows you to easily view, track, book and order your assets, using the client portal.
Learn more about CAM, our asset management system.