Mazda - Rogers Cup

Rogers Cup

Montreal, QC

July 2016


As part of a Mazda campaign, J. Walter Thompson, a marketing communications company, approached us to help build an interactive concept crafted by their XM team. For a chance to win a Mazda CX-9, they set up a giant surface where Rogers Cup attendees could recreate themed designs using tennis balls. Together, our teams would design and fabricate a structure with the look and feel of a shipping container to serve as the interactive canvas.


Our challenge was two-part; engineering the structure and carefully crafting inserts which would hold the tennis balls in place. Dispatched simultaneously in both Toronto and Montreal, the project was delivered and installed on a 10X25 floor with double-sided ramps to ensure maximum accessibility for all. A smashing success both on the structural and marketing side—Mazda received great visibly and media coverage for the impressive design. The multi-sensory journey allowed participants to connect with the brand, leaving a lasting impression.

Serving up the Mazda experience one ball at a time

If you have had the chance to visit Montreal in the summer, you have no doubt experienced the exhilarating energy of the city’s festival season. From our vibrant JazzFest, Just For Laughs comedy festival to Rogers Cup, a leading international tennis tournament, there’s something for everyone. In addition to featuring some of the best players in the world, Rogers Cup is also home to all sorts of fun activities, including dining, shopping, promotions and performances.

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