Top Benefits of Trade Show Rental Exhibits


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January 27, 2022

Top Benefits of Trade Show Rental Exhibits

Trade shows have been a crucial marketing and sales tool to connect brands with people for centuries. Today captivating your audience and increasing customer engagement happens both online and offline, but the energy sparked by live events remains a unique connection opportunity. However, with trade shows and conferences happening around the globe, it can be challenging to decide which live event to attend.

There’s a way to keep your active presence and reduce your budget without sacrificing the style and quality of your trade show exhibit. Rental booths offer an exciting opportunity to mix and expand your marketing program with less commitment and costs.

Let’s explore the benefits of trade show booth rentals:

  • Flexibility
  • Innovation
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost-effective
  • Optimize your program

Trade show rentals offer flexibility

You’re thinking of exhibiting at your first trade show, or you’re a well-seasoned trade show exhibitor. In both cases, experience or research has taught you that building an exhibit booth can be a lengthy process. But it doesn’t have to be. Renting a trade show exhibit can save considerable time and corporate resources, two of the most precious things to business owners. So, how does a rental booth offer your business marketing flexibility?

  • Test new branding concepts with portable, modular, and customizable rental exhibits.
  • Evaluate the results of attending an event before purchasing an exhibit booth.
  • Increase your presence by exhibiting at several shows simultaneously.
  • Reduce the decision, production, and turnaround time working with prefabricated customizable designs.
  • Adapt your aesthetic and messaging to connect with different markets, cultures, and audiences.

Innovative trade show booths make a lasting impression

Healthy brands evolve, as do exhibit houses' design and fabrication process. Opting for a rental program can help your brand look sharp in a few ways.

  • Explore innovative ideas, concepts, and cutting-edge technology on-going.
  • Shop exhibit houses to find a partner that delivers industry-leading designs.
  • Attract crowds and engage audiences with an eye-catching booth.
  • Position your brand as current and relevant by showcasing the latest tech innovations.
The "Tokyo" Rental Exhibit from accordex

Rental booths are low maintenance

Designing a custom exhibit can be a thrilling experience, but there are many services to plan and manage once the show is over. You attend a trade show to connect with people, with clients and consumers. Leave the maintenance to the professionals or avoid it altogether. Reap the top benefits:

  • Stay focused on your business priorities: the show and booth attendees.
  • Eliminate post-show responsibilities with a turnkey rental booth.
  • Avoid damaging your booth, signs, and displays by going from show to show.
  • Skip out on time-consuming project management and coordinating.

Exhibit booth rentals are cost-effective

When you purchase an exhibit, your financial responsibilities don't end once the show closes. Your booth's setup and teardown process is only part of the responsibilities you need to plan in your budget. However, renting your booth will shave the maintenance-related costs of owning a trade show exhibit.

  • Storage fees
  • Repairs and refurbishing services
  • Asset management programs

Optimize your trade show program with rentals

Every event is different, offering an opportunity to perfect your show presence. Even as a well-seasoned exhibitor, your company’s needs and wants may change over time. Maybe you needed an area for live demonstrations in startup mode, and now you require additional electronic equipment. Renting allows you to perfect the recipe before the purchase commitment.

  • Evaluate the success of attending the trade show.
  • Establish how much booth space you need.
  • Help plan your next trade show marketing budget.
  • Optimize your trade show program.
  • Allow nimble decision-making to adapt to changing environments and maintain competitiveness.

Exploring a trade show booth rental program means leveraging more high visibility opportunities for your brand. It allows companies to expand their marketing program and event strategy while respecting budgets and exploring new ideas with less commitment.

Don’t know where to start?

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