Top Ways to Attract More Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand


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April 27, 2022

Top Ways to Attract More Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand

Trade shows and conferences are an effective way to connect, network, and generate quality leads. Whether you're attending a trade show as a guest or exhibiting, there's a lot to take in. Attendees get bombarded from all sides. Competing for people's attention is a challenging task between the lights, graphics, and demos — there's much stimulation.  

With over 25 years of experience, we understand the importance of crafting a unique experience true to your brand. So here are some tips we've compiled to help you attract more visitors and generate a continuous traffic flow of quality leads.

  • Contact your attendees
  • Design an eye-catching stand  
  • Create an experience  
  • Leverage technology  

Contact your attendees before the event

Trade show attendee lists are often available to consult either on the show organizer's website or by request. So tap into that golden resource. Once you see who has registered for the event, contact them and start building up your pre-event buzz.  A successful trade show presence is all about making connections and engaging conversation. The good news is that you can get a head start before the event.

  • Leverage social media to announce your show participation.  
  • Send out a newsletter or invite to book your one-on-one meetings.
  • Reach out to contacts and prospects via LinkedIn.
  • Publish a press release on industry-specific platforms or print media.  
  • Host an event before the show and invite some attendees.
  • Mention any giveaways, competitions, and stand activities.  

Your trade show booth design will help you stand out

Unless you're a household brand or industry leader, there's a slim chance people are lining up to visit your exhibit. Therefore, attracting more visitors to your kiosk starts with making a strong visual impact. Everyone is fighting for people's attention, so you want to stop in their tracks when they cross your booth. Here are some tips to help your booth stand out at your next trade show.  

  • Find an exhibit house partner that delivers industry-leading designs and will ensure your booth facilitates your goals. For example, build an upper-deck V.I.P. area for executives.  
  • Your trade show booth is a reflection of your offer. Use bold branding, typography, and graphics to grab attention and create high visibility.
  • Host a demo, presentation, guest speaker, or exclusive product launch. Activities create excitement and encourage visitors to stop by.
  • Provide a welcoming and enticing space. Once visitors enter, are you offering a comfortable seating area, private meeting rooms, or a refreshment station? Every detail counts.  
  • Leverage technology to present your product or service with innovative concepts and cutting-edge technology. People are always curious to discover something new.  

Create an experience to help attract more visitors to your stand

Why should attendees enter your booth? Give them a reason. Businesses are becoming increasingly creative when pulling stunts to draw people to their booth. But the key is to create a custom experience for your visitors. Show them they aren’t just a number or a lead; connect with them.

  • Once someone stops by or enters your stand, engage with them instantly. Depending on the context and event, chat in a fun and informal way rather than jumping into a sales pitch.
  • Hire the right staff and train them to help reach your event goals. Trade show booth staff are the attendee’s first point of contact; they’re your brand ambassadors. Make sure they’re welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable.  
  • Invest in experiential marketing and interactive elements. Planning activities like virtual reality experiences or giveaways will create a buzz. Have visitors interact with your product or service for a memorable brand experience.  
  • Create a seamless experience. From a welcoming reception desk to cozy couches and slick product display cases, make sure the user-experience leads the booth design and marketing strategy.  

Leverage technology attract visitors to your stand

Screens, panels, and signage are effective ways to capture and maintain the attention of passersby. They'll likely want to see more if you wow them from the outside. So investing in your technology can create a significant return on your investment. Here are some assets exhibit houses can design into your booth concept to help you stand apart from your competition.  

  • Hanging signs and 3D signage  
  • Interactive screens and multi-touch surfaces  
  • Video-messaging and simulators  
  • Projectors  
  • Lighting
  • Photobooths  
  • Sound systems and audio equipment

The key to a successful trade show presence is establishing your goals and knowing your audience to create a targeted strategy. Then, with a well-designed exhibit booth, curated experience, and pre-event promotion, you'll have more time to focus on your goal — making meaningful business connections with your visitors.  

At accordex, we're experts in designing and building custom exhibits, rental programs, and vibrant event environments that attract audiences.  

For more information on exhibiting or trade show stands, contact us.

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